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Emir Of Kano, Ado Bayero Passes On



The Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero is dead. Bayero, who became Emir in 1963, died Friday morning in Kano, after a protracted illness  according to the state government.

Spokesman to the Kano State governor, Baba Dantiye, said “he is expected to be buried same day according to the islamic tradition.”

Emir Bayero, who was thought to be the second most senior Muslim in Nigeria after the Sultan of Sokoto, was born July 25, 1930. He became Emir at the age of 33 after working as an ambassador to Senegal.

Ado Bayero was the 13th Fulani emir since the Fulani War of Usman dan Fodio, when the Fulani took over the Hausa city-states.

He was one of the strongest and powerful emirs in the history of the Hausa land, and renowned for his abundant wealth, maintained by means of stock market investments and large-scale agricultural entrepreneurship both at home and abroad.

The late Ado Bayero was the son of Abdullahi Bayero, the former Emir, who reigned for 27 years. Muhammadu Sanusi who was Ado Bayero’s half brother ruled after their father from 1953-1963.

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