Opinion: The King’s Speech And PDP’s Selective Amnesia

The hypocrisy of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is on full display and the world should join me in a collective act of SMH (Shaking My Head). The selective amnesia of the ruling party is pathetic, shameful and highly embarrassing. They are like the executioner who is always afraid to see a scabbard in the hands of a colleague. The fear of a beheading is mortifying to the man in whose hands many have fallen.

When the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, stood in front of hundreds of Lagosians and expressed his personal views on the leadership of Lagos and his position on who should be the next Governor of Lagos state, one would have ordinarily thought that was a victory for democracy. There was a time that being that ‘forward’ would have earned you a visit from the boys in green. But, I guess we still have some of those boys cloaked in the colours of the green, white and red, because the venom inthe retort by the PDP was ultra-poisonous. One must ask, “Where is the fire?”

Forgetfulness is a sad thing but thank God for Google. Precisely on April 25th, the internet went wild when the Oba of Benin, Omo N’Oba Erediuwa, at the Edo State capital, endorsed the sitting president for a second term. Speaking through his through his special envoy and the crown prince, Ambassador Eheneden Erediuwa, the Oba gave the president a pass mark in his ‘Transformation Agenda’ and told him to shun all distractions and run for another election with his blessing. This took place at the Presidential Villa. Pray, where was the reaction by the

Opposition? I can’t remember one. Neither could Google. But, I do remember the Oba has rights and can support whoever his heart pleases. I also know the Oba’s palace is not far from the office of the Governor of Edo state, who is himself a member of the APC. Did we hear of any backlash for the pronouncement? My Google is still searching.

The problem of the PDP, and a few of their sponsored elements within the Lagos APC, is they are totally undemocratic and deeply resentful of the freedom of speech. They have no thoughts of their own and are simply loudspeakers for their masters in Abuja. It is rather depressing to see them play out the script written for them by an equally inept collection of rotten eggs in the Villa. The Yorubas have always been respectful and are prided the world over for been deeply knowledgeable. The Lagos PDP must be a bunch of pretenders, an embarrassment to the Yoruba Race. They neither have respect for their elders and the throne nor the wisdom to think independently.

But, Kabiyesi Akiolu is not like them. He demonstrated courage and spoke from his heart. And – this can’t be overemphasized – he had the right to endorsed whomever he wants. Yes, he is the Father of all Lagosgians. But even parents have favourites amongst their children. Any child that acts like a bastard will get a bastard’s reward and the good one will be invited to enjoy the goodies of the father’s inner sanctum.

If these pretenders are unhappy with Oba Akiolu’s choice, they should act like the Prodigal Son and find their way back to the father’s heart. Throwing tantrums and calling names will only earn them a meal at the pigsty.

No one man can put a governor in the Round House, not even the one they call the Lion of Boudillion. He only has one vote; Lagos has 6.2 million registered voters. Instead of the current hyperventilation and unnecessary hullabaloo, why not try to sell the PDP and its agenda (if ever it has one) to the people? Tell them how you intend to keep them safe like the poor people of Nyanya and the girls in Chibok. Tell them how you will keep the schools open like our polytechnics have been for close to a year now. Tell them how you will keep the roofs over their heads like the leaky ones at our airports. Tell them how you would make them enjoy constant electricity like we currently do. Do that and see how votes will go your way.

In the meantime, stop crying over spilled milk. The Oba has spoken. He who has ears, let him hear!


Written By Olumide Agoro


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