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United States Government Warns Of Impending Terror Attack On Sheraton Lagos, 2 Other Luxury Hotels

United States Embassy in Nigeria Friday issued warning saying “groups associated with terrorism” planned attack on Sheraton Hotel in Lagos according to an Associated Press reporter Jon Gambrell.

According to him, the US Embassy warning does not elaborate, but urges citizens in Nigeria to avoid Sheraton Hotel over threat.

US Embassy in Nigeria says: “There is no further information regarding the timing or method of attack.”

U.S. Embassy in Nigeria issued similarly vague warning in November 2011 over possible attack on three Abuja luxury hotels, none came Mr Gambrell added.

In the statement issued, US Citizens where however urged to avoid the hotels and look out for their personal safety as the security situation in Nigeria is unpredictable.

The warning is coming few days to the World Economic Forum Africa hosted in Lagos Nigeria and a day after terrorist bombed the Nyanya bus park for the second time in two weeks.

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  1. Blackknight

    Am very surprised at Jonathan’s inaction over terrorism. What is the NSA doing. Dasuki and Gusau I felt had the ability to deal with this but how wrong was I.

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