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A Muslim Name For President Jonathan ‘Malam Jamilu Menasara’ Resolving The Needless Religious Conflicts

There was drama at the National Conference yesterday, when Prof. Andrew Haruna from Kaduna State said: “While reading through the president’s speech I decided to change the his name from Goodluck Jonathan to Malam Jamilu Menasara. In Arabic Jamilu means beautiful, good, Nasara means good luck. He said Nigerians should stop engaging in needless conflict over religious superiority, as it would not do anyone any good.

“Imagine if the missionaries had entered Nigeria through the northern part of the country, most of the Imams and Emirs would have been pastors today and in the same vein if the Arabs who brought Islamic religion had come through the southern part of the country, most of the pastors would have been bearing Emirs and Imams,” he said. Haruna warned against the building of schools for Almajiris in the north as such amounts to encouraging segregation between Christians and Muslims. He appealed to the president to ensure the removal of all privileges given to religion in the constitution, be it public holidays, sponsorship of pilgrimages and building of religious worship centres.

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