Marilyn Ogar

SSS Commences Investigation Into Jailbreak Attempt

The State Security Services (SSS) on Monday revealed that the 16 detainees who attempted a jailbreak had been rearrested. Meanwhile, the SSS leadership has begun an investigation into the attempted jailbreak at their detention facility in Abuja on Sunday.

It is believed that sequel to the ongoing investigation, the erring security operatives whose carelessness may have led to the attempted jailbreak will be punished. We learn that the SSS is very bitter about the lapses by some of its operatives.

Speaking to a television station on moday, the Deputy Director, Public Relations, SSS, Marilyn Ogar, said that aside the 16 suspects that escaped from the facility who were re-arrested, 21 others who resisted arrest were shot.

“We were able to re-arrest 16 suspects that scaled the fence and escaped out of the facility and 18 others who resisted arrest were shot. Eight suspects however refused to participate in the jail-break” 

Reports have it that the botched jailbreak was a result of the laxity by the SSS operatives as it was a Sunday and the operatives had little or no supervisors around. Many of the personnel we hear were also absent on Sunday. These may be some of the reasons for the attempted jailbreak.

It is also being reported that the absence of cameras in the detention facilities certainly aided the detainees in planning that jailbreak without being noticed.


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