Immigration Recruitment Tragedy: NLC Organizes Peaceful Protest In Kaduna

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) yesterday (Monday) marched in a peaceful protest to the Nigerian Immigration Service, Kaduna State Government to make known their displeasure over last Saturday’s recruitment exercise which claimed about 18 lives and also to seek concrete explanations about the entire process which was a failure.

The protesters were led by the Vice President of NLC, Isa Aremu and had stormed the Immigration Office very early. They blocked the entrance and denied the Immigration officials access into their offices. Anti-government songs were sung by the NLC officials who had placards with various inscriptions raised sky-high.

The protesters demanded to see the State Comptroller general who they wanted to hand a protest letter to. That was not to be as the immigration officials insisted their boss was not on seat.

The protest almost went sour when some immigration officials tried pushing the protesters aside. The intervention of soldiers attached to the protesters saved the situation however.

The protesters refused leaving the premises as they insisted they must present their letter to the State comptroller of Immigration. They also called for the resignation of Abba Moro, Nigeria’s Interior Minister.

As a result of the protest, traffic was at a complete standstill on the popular Independence way in the state capital.

Isa Aremu while addressing pressmen at the gate of the Immigration office asked for compensation packages for the families of the victims. He also called on the government to promise such avoidable tragedies in future.

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