Mourinho Displeased With Congested Fixture Schedule

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is not pleased with the Premier League fixture schedule and claims that a lack of rest has life difficult for his players

Chelsea is currently gearing up to to play Fulham on Saturday in what will be their third game in the space of eight days after facing Galatasary in Turkey this midweek

“We all prefer to play game after game after game – but we all want to play game after game after game with equal conditions for every team,” 

“Every team in the same country has the same privilege to be a little bit protected in relation to European matches.

“It makes the players’ job difficult – not my job. I don’t play. I could play a match every day and it’s not problem for me or the people who make the fixtures,” Mourinho said

Chelsea’s vice-captain, Frank Lampard had asked the Premier League to work on the schedule of teams returning from midweek fixtures in Europe. Mourinho was quick to defend Lamp’s comments:

“Frank Lampard has a right to speak. He’s played an unbelievable number of seasons with this club,” 

“He’s played more than 100 matches with the England side. He’s not a man that normally speaks a lot. He’s not the kind of player who is trying to show an opinion.

“When a player like him, and a man like him, express his feelings like that I think this country should listen

“It’s not a problem for my legs, it’s not a problem for legs of people who make this decision, it’s the players’ legs.”

“I am nobody and my legs are fresh after the last match. I didn’t sleep a lot but my legs are fresh. For players, it’s different.”

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