Adebayor Criticized AVB’s Tactics In The Presence Of Team-mates

Towering striker, Emmanuel Adebayor has disclosed how he criticized his former club (Tottenham) manager, Andres Villas Boas in front of the other players. The Togolese had told the Portuguese how his tactics won’t help the team in private. When the latter wouldn’t listen, he made his comments in front of team mates.

Andres Villas Boas later dropped the 29 years old, Adebayor from the first team but he was eventually sacked in December after a poor form

“I told him: ‘Your ideas will not help the team” 

“I have had a chance to play for a lot of top clubs in my career and I know how it’s supposed to be.

“I told him one on one and he didn’t want to listen, and then I told him in front of the group.

“Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it was a good one, maybe it was a bad one. I don’t know, but I spoke my mind.”

Under Tim Sherwood’s management, Adebayor was reinstated into Tottenham’s first team and he has repaid the confidence the manager had in him by netting six goals in ten matches.

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