Abidal Is Not Proud Of His Performances For Monaco Thus Far

Eric Abidal is unimpressed about his form for Monaco this season. The Frenchman who left Barcelona at the end of last season returned to his former club in the summer.

He is not pleased with his performances for the Ligue 1 contenders as he has promised to add more effort.

“I’m not here to lie or cheat,” 

“In any case, this sort of thing is season on the pitch. When you are less good, you have to be able to say it.

“I’m certainly going to change my training methods so that I’m fresher in my limbs and head. It’s not a question of doing less, on the contrary.

“I love running. I’m going to put myself in more danger so I’m more reactive. I’ve lost that in the last few matches”, he told L’Equipe.


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