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NGO Decries Involvement Of Young Men In Commercial Sperm Donation

The Chairman, Global Prolife Alliance, an NGO, Dr Philip Njemanze, on Wednesday decried the high rate of young men’s involvement in commercial sperm donation.

Njemanze, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, advised them against commercial sperm donation to prevent fertility problems later in life.
He said that most times, young men were being given stimulating hormones or drugs to make them to produce more sperm.
“The boys donating sperm now for N50,000. Each time you give out a part of yourself, it has a detrimental effect.
“What happens is that sperm can be got from masturbation, but after a while, there will be a detrimental effect.

“Because you needed N50,000 today, tomorrow you need more money and you will need more money and tomorrow they start giving stimulating hormones.

“This will eventually have a telling effect on your ability to have good sexual life when you need your own children, no more for donation.

“So, it has a very detrimental effect and I believe that we should stop all this now.”

According to him, these stimulating hormones can have serious consequences such as hormonal imbalances in men.
Njemanze said that hormonal imbalance could also cause depression, erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, weak libido and prostate problems, adding that fertility problems might set in.

He said that most young men who were selling their sperms claimed they got involved as a result of poverty and financial challenges.

Njemanze urged healthcare providers to educate the public on the dangers of commercial sperm donation.

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