Anuoluwapo Adebayo: Simple Makeup Tips That Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

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By Anuoluwapo Adebayo

These simple makeup tricks will not only help you achieve beautiful looks but avoid mistakes, manage the amount of time you spend in front of the mirror and limit how often you touch up during the day.


It is essential that you find out what shape of face you have and be willing to learn the do’s and don’ts that enable easy and flawless makeup application. Some people may argue that they don’t have a particular face shape amongst the ones they have seen however, find out closest to yours and work with it.
This is necessary in order to help you determine your eyebrow shape, blush application and contouring techniques that fit you best.
Always have more than one shade of foundation; you may wonder if this is a waste of money but it will not feel that way when the need arises. Remember that your skin tone may change with particular seasons; and you may need another shade of foundation (lighter or darker) to either hide imperfections or for contouring.
Begin your Makeup application from your ‘good’ side; have you ever wondered why you just always seem to get your eyebrow arch better on one side over the other or eyeliner stays perfectly in your right eye’s waterline more than it does in your left? It’s simply because everyone has a high side no matter the shape of your face (which does not mean there is anything wrong with the other side of your face). If you start makeup application on this side, you’ll unconsciously apply products to ‘match’ what you’ve already done. To know your high side, pull back your hair in a knot, make sure you have no makeup on (preferably just after taking a bath) and look into the mirror. The side which naturally looks more ‘awake’ is your high side.
You can use powder under your foundation; this may not work all the time for every skin type. Usually what this does is to give you a matte totally ‘gloss less’ look so those with dry skin should be careful while trying this tip. It also works when you know you’ll most likely be photographed (at an event or a shoot) so you can use a powder slightly lighter than your skin or translucent powder then apply a medium coverage liquid foundation.
You can use setting mist before your foundation or powder; for ladies who use makeup setting mists after their complete application, you can spray it on before your foundation or before your powder; try both and see the finished look that works for you or how long your face stays matte. This trick works for those who may not like the feeling of the mist after their makeup application or who have an issue spraying properly therefore leaving patches or marks on their face.
You can use baby wipes instead of makeup remover; there is no cardinal rule that states that it is compulsory to use only makeup removers or age-defying or moisturizing wipes. Baby wipes, because of who they are originally created for are quiet effective to clean your face and are also hypoallergenic.
Products have multi uses; over the years I’ve learnt that makeup products are not necessarily created for only one purpose; a brown mascara can act perfectly as a brow gel; eye shadow can be used as eyeliner (just use a cotton bud or wet liner brush) or mixed with gloss to create a unique colour of lipstick; brown eye shadow or gel liner can be used to fill your brows or used to contour nose and hollow of cheek; and pencils can be used in place of lipsticks and are also long lasting.
For more mature ladies, concealer applied under the eyes is advised and works wonders.
ALWAYS wipe off makeup at night before you sleep; you may have heard this a million times but it can never get old. No matter how good in quality your makeup products are the skin needs to breathe so ensure to wash your face or cleanse with wipes before you go to bed. Also any day you’re at home resting, don’t wear makeup.

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