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Mohammed Hussein: A PDP Mole In Sokoto APC



By Mohammed Hussein
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Politics is a game where your worst enemy can pretend to be your best friend with the sole purpose of getting at you. Politics allows pretenders to masquerade as serious contenders, but the end will always justify the means. It was obvious that during the merger process, some political neophytes joined the APC pretending to be friends to those who desired good fortunes for the new party. The sole purpose of these fifth columnists was to cause serious disaffection within the rank and file of the APC while secretly working for an interest in the PDP.

Exposed in this treacherous game is one Muhammad Akibu Dalhatu who has been ranting about the entrance of Gov. Aliyu Wamakko into the APC fold, knowing very well that their sinister plot is up. Of course if we may ask, what is the fear of Akibu about a man who Sokoto politics revolves around? If Akibu is a true apostle of the APC and he believes in its ideal, the entrance of a sitting governor should ordinarily be seen by him as a significant political mileage.

What is even the political pedigree of Akibu in Sokoto, not to talk of contending with a governor whose personality now transcend regional politics? A sheer waste of time to justify a cheap pay for doing the hatchet job of a pay master. Akibu is embarking on a fruitless voyage of no significance. Why not calm down and play politics with decorum and foresight.

We invite Akinbu to the Wamakko School of Leadership and learn Politics of Acceptability through peoples’ oriented performance and achievements. Neither this man, making frustrated noise nor neither his paymaster belong to the league of those who can question the person of Wamakko. He delivered the PDP 100% and still have the political magic to deliver the APC 100%. We are only responding to the rants of Akibu to save him from political perdition. Wamakko don’t play politics of destruction, he can still help Akibu to learn few more things about politics.

The success story of Aliyu Magartawada Wamakko is not a year’s job. By the grace of Allah, Wamakko has become an issue in Nigeria politics and by moderation the factor that will decide the future of Sokoto politics. He has changed the face of Sokoto politics by providing the dividends of democracy to the masses. He is loved and has worked tirelessly to change the fortunes of the State. His records of achievements in terms of provision of infrastructure and human capacity development are unparalleled and are there for future administrations to beat. He is the man of the people. And if Akibu is in doubt, let his master meet Wamakko at the open field of politics. It goes beyond media show and political noise.

Wake up Akibu! You are with your master on a voyage of political illusion.

Opinion written by Mohammed Hussein and does not represent Newswirengr

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