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National Orientation Agency Congratulates Nigerians On New Year/Centenary



Mike Omeri NOA
As the world ushers in the year 2014, Nigeria marks the centennial anniversary of her nationhood since the Amalgamation of January 1, 1914. Consequently, the Director General, National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr. Mike Omeri has congratulated Nigerians on the double celebration, calling on Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora to reflect on Nigeria’s journey of nationhood through the last 100 years and see the new year as another opportunity to continue contributing meaningfully to nation building in the next century.

While congratulating Nigerians in a New Year and Centenary goodwill message, Mr. Omeri commended the patriotism, nationalism, resilience, service and devotion of Nigerians to the nation in the first century of nationhood, noting that without the sacrificial efforts of the nation’s founding fathers and successive generations of Nigerians to date, the greatest black country on the planet would not have been a reality as it is today.

In his words, “We have marched victoriously through the last 100 years, through thick and thin and against all odds to emerge and remain the greatest black country on earth today, thanks to our founding fathers and all Nigerians who have lived and still live through these 100 years. We must realize as a people that the years ahead of us hold greater glory for our country as we enter the next 100 years of our nationhood. It therefore calls for deep reflection and repositioning from all of us so that we can do away with all vices that plagued us as individuals and, by extension, as a nation. Let us make the needed commitment to begin today to do only what is right for the transformation of our country. If we all do this and maintain it, no nation will match or surpass our greatness by the time Nigeria is 200 years old”, said Omeri.

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