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Anuoluwapo Adebayo: Flawless Eye Makeup & How You Can Stay Ahead Of The Game



By Anuoluwapo Adebayo

eye makeup
Eyes are the first thing people notice when they look at your face and flawless eye makeup may not be the easiest thing to achieve but can be learnt over time with practice.
Eyebrows- Eyebrows frame the face; giving some form of ‘definition and order’ to your features. That is often why ladies who have the wrong eyebrows for their face tend to look funny regardless of how good their makeup is. Even if the rest of your makeup is perfect, if your brows are bushy, too thin or badly shapened it ‘disturbs’ the whole appearance of the face.
Read up on your particular face shape and what brows fit; get a professional makeup artist or beautician to help you get the right shape by tweezing, threading, waxing or using a razor. Fill your brows with the right shade of brow filler, pencil, eye shadow or gel liner.
Eye shadow – Ladies tend to get the application of eye shadow completely wrong because of the mind-set that it’s just ‘colored product that you dump on your lids’. There are techniques however, except you’re a makeup artist who needs to know certain tricks, there are simple rules or steps to take.
Don’t be restricted by colors; you may read that brown eye shadow fits blue eyes which is true but that doesn’t mean you should use only brown eye shadow every day. Learn how to blend light and dark colors; also look at the shape of your eyes or unique features like if you have small eyelids or hooded eyes as this will help you determine the best colors or techniques to use.

Model 4 FOC, Made up by Anu

Model 4 FOC, Made up by Anu

Eyeliner – Lining your eyes beyond defining them, has a number of effects and can even alter the entire shape of your eyes. Gel liners, colored pencils and even eye shadow can do the work; it all depends on what you’re good with.
Eyelashes – ALWAYS brush your lashes because it instantly opens up your eyes. Use black, brown or transparent mascara for every day, simple makeup looks. Colored mascaras like blue, purple etc. can be used at night or for a more dramatic/theatrical effect.
Mascaras come with different type of brushes to lengthen or volumnize the lashes. You can use a lash curler or apply liner between the lashes to give an illusion of thickened lashes.
You can fix your lashes however it’s better to use natural looking strip lashes or individual lashes than heavy dramatic lashes for an everyday easy look.
Remember to use good quality products and tools as your eyes are delicate and you don’t want any mishaps in the name of beauty. Clean eye makeup applicators as often as possible and try not to share or make use of disposables. Also if products begin to smell bad or change color or someone in perplexity asks “you still have this mascara?” then it is definitely time to replace.
**For your beauty questions, send to [email protected] or @Anu_Chayil on Twitter…
Anu is a Freelance Makeup artist, fashion retailer and blogger. A graduate of Mass Communication with a major in Public Relations and Advertising from Babcock University; She has had years of experience in Media, business development, project coordination and the beauty industry. She has also attended WEN Beauty School and House of Tara International for courses in Skin care, Makeup application and consultation. Anu who ‘thoroughly enjoys making people look good’ is presently the Creative Director at Face of Chayil, a company that offers Makeup and beauty services. Her blog ( is where she shares her work, personal experiences and life’s lessons.

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