Kumuyi Is On An Attention-Seeking Mission – Monsignor Gabriel Osu

Monsignor_Gabriel_OsuA Catholic priest, Monsignor Gabriel Osu has reacted to the postulation of General Overseer of Deeper Life Bible Church Pator Kumuyi that the Christmas Celebration is an idolatrous celebration.
“I don’t know what he means by saying the practice of celebrating Christmas is wrong. Is he saying that Christ wasn’t born? That he didn’t come to die for us? Does he not celebrate his own birthday? Do Kumuyi’s pastors not celebrate him? It is not everything I react to; some people just seek attention. If Kumuyi is a Christian, then he must believe in Christ.

“The celebration of Christmas didn’t just start today; it is too public an event for anyone to say that they don’t know what it is about. “If Kumuyi is condemning the commercialisation of Christmas, I can understand that. Christ came to redeem us from our lost state; this was actualised through his coming, his birth; that is why we celebrate Christmas. It is the fulfilment of God’s promise.”

“Kumuyi is just saying what he feels; he is not making any doctrinal statement.”

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