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Proposed National Conference To Take Off Early Next Year – President Jonathan



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Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan  on Wednesday revealed that all required preparations are being made to ensure that the proposed national conference takes off immediately in 2014.

The President made this known when he received the report of the Dr. Femi Okunrounmu-led Presidential Advisory Committee on National Conference said. He said he has already directed that adequate financial provision should be made for the take off of the conference.

Contrary to media reports,the committee insisted that  there was no split among its members or any minority report. The President said the proposed dialogue will be referred to as national conference.

“I can use the word national conference because the national Chairman used it. So, I assume that is the name the Committee has agreed on,” 

“I have no personal interest in this dialogue and I will allow the will of Nigerians to prevail,” the President said.

The President also said he is happy that there was only one demand for dissolution of Nigeria federal structure in the public hearings held by the Committee across 13 major cities of the country.

He added that the proposed national conference offered an opportunity to strengthen Nigeria’s unity and democracy and every Nigerian should participate in it.

In a comic manner, the President noted that  he hopes there will be no more open letters by the time the conference is concluded.

Dr. Okunrounmu had earlier said the public hearings held by the Committee showed that most Nigerians are very enthusiastic about the prospect of being architects of new Nigeria by taking part in setting the ground norms as will be done through the proposed national conference.

He added that those who were initiallywary about the idea of national conference are now believing in the project.

“I say emphatically that we have no minority report,” Dr. Okunrounmu said.

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