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nPDP Was Formed To Reform PDP & Not To Defect To APC – Gov Babangida Aliyu



PDP Leader, Photo Credit: The Nation

PDP Leader, Photo Credit: The Nation

The focus of the group of seven Peoples Democratic Party governors that spearheaded the formation of the New PDP was to reform the party and not to defect to any party said the Niger State Governor, Dr. Babangida Aliyu.

The Governor said, “Let me seize this opportunity because I kept on reading some things in the national dailies and for the benefit of those who may not understand that I led the so-called G7 as a result of a reform that we are looking for in our party. The idea was not to leave our party but to reform it.”

The Niger State Governor was speaking when the International Federation of Women Lawyers,  paid him a courtesy visit at the government house Minna, Thursday.

He said some people found it more expedient to leave the party and that is their choice and never was it part of the G7 plans.

“Those of us who feel that if you want a reform and you want to do it within, I think our views should be respected.”

He said the people of Niger State welcom the development of two party system rather than having so many parties that will end up creating political prostitution, but you have two parties at least.

“There was the need to make people understand that you cannot take people’s support for granted. And you need really to revigorate it, so that it comes back to be properly accepted by the people.

“I have always said my intention was not to leave the PDP, but to reform it. I said, it is not a one-man show or not about me, not about my ambition, it is about the people. And I said, there is no way I will take any decision without coming back to my people, and the majority of my people prefer that we stay in the PDP and we will stay and make it work.” the governor concluded.

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