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‘You Are A Widow, Go & Die’, Governor Oshiomole Blasts Woman For Road-Hawking



By Augustine Ogwo

‘You are a widow, go and die’, Governor Adams Oshiomole yelled at the widow whose goods were being confiscated for hawking on the roadside, highway or whichever as she begged him. I am one person who supports the abolishing of road-hawking. If you have ever lost someone to that, you will know the danger it portends.
It is a good thing that the comrade Governor is supervising the implementation of this law himself but he should know that as a public officer that he should not make unguarded statements. This is a democratic setting and he has to be as civil and diplomatic as it could be; this is not a military junta. 
You may want to say his anger got the better part of him but as leader of a state in Nigeria, he should have some self control and restrain.  Being a widower himself, he should consider being told: ‘You are a widower, go and die’ and imagine how he will feel.  ‘Go and die’??? He has no regards for the life of his citizen? Well, I wish hawking and trading on the roads could stop right away but with the level of poverty in my nation, I doubt it will anytime. The Governor should also get ready to hurt some more people with his ‘go and die’ attitude

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