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Babangida Says PDP Is The Best Thing That Happened To Nigeria, “APC Is Not Ready” He Added



A former governor of Niger State, Babangida Aliyu, has stated that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is not yet ripe to lead a central government.

Aliyu, who was speaking at the inauguration of the PDP convention committees yesterday, said the APC had now shown that they could not govern Nigeria at the federal level.

”A party that has not fully matured, but we handed over to it and we must not repeat that mistake again.

”We must go out to the people, the ones that we can apologise to, we do. The ones that we can compensate, we do. But most importantly, we gear our minds towards success, in 2019, at all levels of government,” Aliyu said.

He also advised Nigerians to compare the government of both parties and make their conclusions on which party served their interests better.
He urged party members not to be afraid, adding that they must continue to pray and do what was right so they could come back to the federal government.

”People are yearning for PDP, people want PDP, people talk about PDP, people who thought that we were not right now are saying, PDP is the best thing that ever happened,” Aliyu added.

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