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Battle For AGN Top Job: Emeka Ike Gives Ibinabo 24 Hours To Vacate Seat



By Chris Nomjov

Nollywood actor and substantive AGN President-in-waiting, Emeka Ike has spoken out over the reaction of Ibinabo Fiberesima, who said that she would appeal the court judgement that sacked her as the President of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

According to the actor, he’s giving Ibinabo 24 hours to apologise to the guild and vacate her seat or face being dragged to court again for contempt. Speaking on the threat of appeal made by the seating president, Emeka says that she has no case and points out what it entails to effect an appeal.

“She has not appealed. Do you know what an appeal of a judgement means? The judgement was given on Monday and I ask, ‘has she received a copy of the judgement she wants to appeal at the moment? Don’t insult my integrity. Before you make any appeal, you have to write papers and take the papers to the right places and you make an appeal with that.

“If you don’t have the judgement papers in your hand, how do you appeal it? And when you appeal, before you get the court’s attention, you must serve it, you must give a notice of it for at least 29 days in a newspaper. There are ways things are done logically on issues like this. It is not for you do things anyhow. This is a very sensitive case. You are dealing with an A-list person. Your mindset is your mindset, it should not affect the other.

“I give her (Ibinabo) 24 hours to tender an apology to the guild, 24 hours for talking about appealing this case, if not, I will serve her court papers and her cohorts; I am not joking on this matter. I am not using thugs, I am not using OPC, I am not using any cult members, I am not using the police, I am applying the Nigerian justice system and that is the civilized way of doing things”

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