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Prof Pat Utomi Says Nigeria Today “Under Buhari-Leadership” More Divided

Political economist, politician, governance and public policy analyst, Prof. Pat Utomi, who played huge role in enthroning the current administration, is clearly unhappy with the direction the country is head­ing. He Speaks to JOHN SILAS of Authority Newspaper, declaring that the country is not being led properly and stressing that Ni­geria is[Read More…]

Pat Utomi: Is Civil Society To Blame

The failure, so far, to achieve the promise of Nigeria, the fractured and fragmented nature of Nigerian society and polity; and the leadership lacuna in Africa as a result of Nigeria’s declining strategy value, has been blamed on many things. Not often cited, yet determinedly central to all of this[Read More…]

Pat Utomi: The Burden And Joys Of Manufacturing

They rose from nowhere, having been formed in the womb of the brains of politicians who desired progress for their people through job creation and wealth increase. In imitation of colleagues like Chief Obafemi Awolowo who birthed the Ikeja Industrial Estate, estates of manufacturing arose in Aba, Port Harcourt, Kaduna[Read More…]