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Tunde Leye: What We Must Do – Part 2

By Tunde Leye The first part of this piece is published HERE The narrative of what it means to be Nigerian must be crafted. It is this narrative that will drive every other thing. Today, even though Ghanaians have their own ethnic fault lines, the contradictions between being of Asante[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: What We Must Do (1)

By Tunde Leye It is important we tell ourselves some truths as a nation and remove our rose tinted glasses. And one of the first truths that a people must come to terms with as a nation is that powerful nations act in their own interest over and above any other stated flowery intentions[Read More…]

Student Rankings: Where Is Nigeria? Chinese Students Reigning Supreme Over American students

  The results from a global exam that evaluates students’ reading, science and math skills are in and, once again, Chinese students appear to be reigning supreme while American students continued to underperform. But Times Magazine believes China is Cheating the world student ranking it said Enough is enough. The Times[Read More…]