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Killed By Quacks, Stigmatised By Society, How Nigeria’s Abortion Ban Pushes Women To Drastic Measures

By Declan Cooley Blessing grew up in a dusty but bustling city in Nigeria’s forgotten east, but while she was at school and in love with her boyfriend, she fell pregnant. Somehow Blessing’s mother, and the rest of her neighbourhood, found out she was pregnant and tried to insist she[Read More…]

NMA Says Over 50, 000 Nigerian Girls Get Killed Annually Trying To Abort Babies

Over 50, 000 Nigerian girl-children die annually owing to complications arising from wrong and poorly done abortions. The poorly done abortions happen as a result of lack of education and awareness available to girl children, PREMIUM TIMES reports. The Nigeria Medical Association Committee on Girl Child Education said young school girls[Read More…]

‘Feminist’ Says She Aborted Baby Because It Was A Boy

A blogger has claimed that she aborted her baby when she discovered it was a boy because of bad experiences with men, reports Metro UK. In her blog, the author, known only as Lena, wrote that she found out she was pregnant in 2012 and describes the father as ‘the[Read More…]

Opinion: Unsafe Abortion & Death Rates For Teenage Pregnancy In Nigeria

Unsafe abortion has lingered as one of the chief factors for the increasing maternal death ring in the country. The level at which unsafe abortion is destroying the lives of young Nigerian women has become a cause for concern among many Nigerians. In a recent figure relayed by the President[Read More…]