Op-ed: Mandela And The Desperation Of The Nigerian Opposition Linked Media

By Reno Omokri As the desperation of opposition linked new and traditional media reaches a crescendo, they have adopted Goebbels’ philosophy that a lie told often enough eventually comes to be accepted by the public as true. It is therefore imperative to expose their tactics so that impressionable members of[Read More…]

Open Letter To Junaid Mohammed & His Fellow Shariyalanders: Re 2015 Bloodshed & Civil War

By Chinweizu Read There’ll be bloodshed if Jonathan runs warns Junaid Mohammed December 1, 2013 ‘Read Supporters of SNC asking for Civil War- Junaid Mohammed  December 6th, 2013 ————————————————-   Here is my three-point rejoinder to Junaid Mohammed and his threats: 1] The issue isn’t whether or not President Goodluck[Read More…]

Nyesom Wike: The Minister of Offence

By Wole Olaoye If Labaran Maku is the acting Minister of Defence (a portfolio he combines with his Information and National Orientation brief), Nyesom Wike is the unannounced Minister of Offence on account of his self-inflicted duty of amassing enemies for the Jonathan administration. While Maku is smilingly creative with[Read More…]

Lekki Port: Decoupling Politics & Governance

By Francis Ehigiator It is common, passing through some of the nation’s State capitals, especially those governed by opposition political parties such as the All Progressives Congress (APC), to see sign-boards with the inscription: “This road belongs to the Federal Government, please, accept our apologies.” The road in question is[Read More…]

Simon Kolawole: If Only Nigeria Had A Mandela

By Simon Kolawole My little girl, on Tuesday, told me her homework was to write a short essay on “The Leader Who Inspires Me”. I wondered whom she was going to pick. She, without any prompting, picked Nelson Mandela, the hero of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa and the global[Read More…]

The Curse Of Social Media, Jeopardising Marriages

By Chukwuneta Oby I have always likened Facebook (and co) for some people to a child who finds himself in a candy shop and suddenly realises that he can actually have any candy of his choice by merely expressing enough interest. What with suddenly realising that an object of your[Read More…]

Weep For Africa, Not Nelson Mandela

By Uzodinma Nwaogbe The recent death of one of Africa’s greatest legend, the man who led the struggle against and eventual elimination of South African white domination in government, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, is painful and, indeed a great loss to the family, the people of South Africa, Africa and all[Read More…]

5 Politically Unstable Nations

By Anthea Mitchell Political instability is a complex and many-headed beast, its tentacles reaching and intertwining with others all across the globe. The difficulties present in the world’s most shaky regions are obvious to everyone, from the struggling government bureaucrat to the everyday citizen watching events unfold. Even so, it’s[Read More…]

The President In Black And White

By Olalekan Adetayo By the time President Goodluck Jonathan will be completing his first term of four years in 2015, he may have so many books written in his name that will surpass the record of any sitting Nigerian President. Before now, books such as “Memorable Quotes of Goodluck Jonathan”[Read More…]