Farouk Martins Aresa: Military & Terrorist Presidents Rule By Identical Gun Barrels

By Farouk Martins Aresa It was late Chief Akinloye the Chairman of NPN that let Nigerians know that there were always two parties in Nigeria: NPN and the Military. Mind you, we’ve always had political thugs. They eventually graduated to godfathers like Adedibu as the strongman in Ibadan. Eventually, the[Read More…]

Edward Wabundani: The Irrelevance Of G5 Governors In APC

By Edward Wabundani Until recently, I happen to be one among Bola Tinubu’s fans. My liking for him then stems from his superintendence over the defunct Action Congress’s victory in Lagos in 1999 over the ruling PDP, and the successes recorded by ACN in 5 out of the 6 South[Read More…]

Ross Alabo-Georg: Amaechi’s Water Project Should Not Be Trusted

By Ross Alabo-Georg The recent lamentation by the governor of Rivers state over the World Bank/ADB loan ‘non-approval’ or delay by the Federal Government smacks of bluff, subterfuge, and depicts the extreme political chicanery that has invaded governance, at the expense of citizens. It has become a direct blackmail, as[Read More…]

Enenim Ubon: Neither APC Or PDP Is Nigeria’s Problem

By Enenim Ubon Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999 came with a lot of expectations from the citizens who believed things would change and they will have a better experience of governance at all levels and also enjoy the ‘dividends of democracy’. Fourteen years after,things haven’t changed much especially in[Read More…]

SOS/Sonala Olumhense: A Recent History Of Your Sagamu-Benin Road

If you are a Nigerian, chances are you know someone who has spent an entire day, at least once, traveling the 140-mile Sagamu-Benin City road, or been killed trying to do so. Sagamu-Benin, sometimes referred to herein as “The Road,” is the only direct link between the eastern and western parts of Nigeria, and[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: Sorry, But This APC Is Not Change!

By Adekoya Boladale A long time ago, in the days of Late Chief Solomon Lar, when the likes of Chief Alex Ekwueme and Professor Jerry Gana were still in active capacity, the streets and roads of campaign arenas dazzled with the colourful flash of red and green. The ground for political ‘toasting’ was[Read More…]

Reno Omokri: Time For An Ethical Revolution On Social Media

By Reno Omokri Social media and the technologies that drive it were intended to be a force for social good that expanded the individual’s reach beyond his physical proximity. However, over the years since the emergence of the medium many of its users are beginning to see a negative side[Read More…]

Has Success Ruined Governor Oshiomhole?

By Jude Collins When Omotala, a renowned Nigerian actress secured a slot in the Time Magazine’s highly coveted positions, for the 100 most influential people in the world, for the year 2013, a very humane comment describing the quality of her rich personality, was made by Richard Corliss, Time’s movie[Read More…]

Insurgency: An Xmas Festival Without Bloodsheds By Fatima Goni

By Fatima Goni About a month to the Chrismas festival we wake up to learn about attacks at airforce base by Boko Haram fighters in Maiduguri. Few weeks later, precisely a week to the Xmas D-Day another bombshell was dropped when another group of insurgents attacked another military base in[Read More…]