Author: Vincent Desmond

Exclusive: Meet Nigerians who are neither men nor women and identify as non-binary

‘It is weird, people are very religious and still say stuff like ‘’are you saying god made a mistake?’’ Persephone, 20, tells me describing the reaction they get when they reveal to someone they are non-binary. This gaslighting and invalidation of one’s gender identity – instinctive as it may be[Read More…]

“The closet was suffocating,” – Read Our EXCLUSIVE on What it feels like to be Gay, Bi-Sexual, Non-Binary in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there is a sweeping sentiment that there isn’t an LGBTQ community in the country.  For many, the passing of the 2013 bill which criminialzed most parts of queer existence in the country equates to a total eradication of the queer community. In reality, the bill simply forced queer[Read More…]

What Does Bisi Alimi’s Pride Parade Mean For The Nigerian Queer Community?

‘Use your head’ is a very popular phrase in Nigeria, one that almost every Nigerian has used at some point. It means ‘be smart’ ‘be cunning’ and for queer Nigerians living in Nigeria ‘use your head’ becomes something a little more. It becomes one of the pillars of queer culture.[Read More…]