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Persons killed, 10 vehicles and a microfinance bank building were burnt at the Bukuru market in Jos



One person was allegedly killed with some others injured as over 10 vehicles and a microfinance bank building were burnt at the Bukuru market in the Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State on Monday by hoodlums who confronted Jos Metropolitan Development Board Officials carrying out the enforcement of an Executive Order.

The incident occurred when enforcement officers stormed the market to supervise the demolition of illegal structures erected by the roadside, especially within the market vicinity.

However, the officers met resistance from hoodlums who emerged from the neighbourhood within the market and confronted the implementation officers, pelting them with stones and other dangerous weapons.

The ensuing pandemonium, according to residents of Bukuru, led to the burning of a microfinance bank building while over 10 cars were set ablaze. Some traders, who tried to escape the scene, sustained injuries.

Governor Caleb Mutfwang has condemned the attack on members of the task force and traders, describing the act as shameful.

The governor lamented the reckless behaviour of the attackers, who wielded dangerous weapons, inflicted harm on residents, looted shops, and destroyed vehicles owned by innocent traders.

Mutfwang, in a statement by his spokesperson, Gyang Bere, said the incident was entirely avoidable, questioning the motives of those who flouted Executive Order 003 and resorted to violence against law-abiding citizens.

He called on security agencies to swiftly apprehend all perpetrators and ensure that they face justice without delay.

The governor reiterated the state government’s unwavering resolve to deal with troublemakers.

Highlighting the broader purpose of Executive Order 003, Mutfwang clarified that its intent is to safeguard Jos from deteriorating into a slum and a haven for criminal activities.
Security personnel have been deployed to the troubled area to restore law and order.

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