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Man burns all his academic certificates over joblessness across Nigeria – anger intensifies



A man, identified as Olutimain Ilenre, has set ablaze all his original academic certificates, including his Bachelors of Arts, secondary school, NYSC discharge certificates, among others.

In a video released on social media on Monday, the graduate of History and International Studies from Ajayi Crowther University attributed his decision to a lack of job.

According to him, the current situation in the country has rendered his certificates useless.

“To get certificate in this country is like a waste of time,” he lamented.

Mr Ilenre added that even when travelling out of the country, the certificates are rendered useless.

He noted that he had been unable to sleep in the last week after recalling that all the jobs he had done for the past 13 years were jobs that his certificates were not needed.

He further advised that in the country’s present realities, people should learn handwork, urging parents to empower their children to learn handwork and trade.

“I finished school in 2010 and did my NYSC in 2010/2011; till today, I haven’t used these certificates to get a job,” M Ilenre added.

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