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Top 10 African Countries with the Largest Military Aircraft Fleets



Determining the strength and scale of African nations’ military aircraft capability involves more than a simple count of combat aircraft.

The metrics provided for 2023 by Global Firepower and the World Directory of Military Aircraft take into account not only the quantity of aircraft but also their quality and overall inventory composition.

Here, we unveil the list of the ten African countries that stand out in terms of the robustness and size of their military aircraft fleets.

1. Egypt: Undisputedly, Egypt boasts Africa’s most sizable and formidable military aircraft fleet. The North African nation commands a substantial active aircraft inventory of 1,122 units. Within this impressive assembly, there are 333 fighter jets and 318 helicopters, solidifying Egypt’s position as a continental aviation power.

2. Algeria: Since its establishment in 1962, the Algerian Air Force has cultivated the second-largest combat aircraft fleet on the African continent, wielding a total of 541 active units. This arsenal encompasses 125 fighter jets and 252 helicopters, a testament to Algeria’s aerial strength.

3. Angola: Ranking third in the African military aircraft landscape, Angola commands a fleet of 307 combat aircraft. This significant presence positions Angola as a notable player on the continent, with the nation standing at the 55th global rank.

4. Morocco: Morocco secures the fourth position in terms of military aircraft fleet strength in Africa, with a robust active inventory of 244 units. Comprising 83 fighter jets, 61 helicopters, and two tankers, Morocco’s aerial assets are accompanied by a personnel count exceeding 13,500.

5. South Africa: Global Firepower attributes 226 combat aircraft to South Africa’s arsenal, while the World Directory of Military Aircraft places the count at 228 active units. Among these, 17 fighter jets, 87 helicopters, and 88 trainers bolster South Africa’s aviation prowess.

6. Sudan: Sudan occupies the sixth spot on the list, with a total of 191 combat aircraft units. This ranking solidifies Sudan’s place among the continent’s aviation elite and positions the country at the 75th global position out of 145 considered nations.

7. Kenya: Emerging as a contender in Africa’s military aircraft domain, Kenya commands an active aircraft inventory of 156 units. Within this framework, the nation houses 17 fighter jets and 79 helicopters, showcasing its growing aviation capabilities.

8. Tunisia: Securing the eighth rank in Africa, Tunisia maintains a formidable combat aircraft presence, with a total of 152 units. This North African nation’s standing surpasses that of countries such as Romania, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, and Malaysia, as per the Global Firepower ranking.

9. Nigeria: The Nigerian Air Force boasts a commendable assortment of modern aircraft, predominantly sourced from Western origins. The World Directory of Military Aircraft places Nigeria’s active aircraft inventory at 138 units, featuring 21 fighter jets, 29 helicopters, and six Close Air Support (CAS) units for warfare operations.

10. Libya: Taking the ninth position, Libya houses 127 combat aircraft in its military fleet. On the global scale, Libya ranks 80th among the 145 nations assessed in the 2023 review by Global Firepower.

11. Zambia: Ethiopia rounds off the list with an active combat aircraft inventory totaling 98 units. Within this framework, the nation operates 25 fighter jets and 25 helicopters, solidifying its presence on the global stage at the 89th rank according to Global Firepower.

In sum, these African nations command significant military aircraft fleets that reflect their commitment to aerial defense and strategic positioning in the global security landscape.

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