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Explosive Accusation: Prominent Human Rights Lawyer Accuses NIMASA of Currency Drain



In a startling revelation that sent shockwaves through Nigeria’s financial landscape, Femi Falana, a renowned Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and esteemed human rights lawyer, has leveled grave allegations against the Nigerian Maritime and Safety Agency (NIMASA). Falana has accused the agency of orchestrating the diversion of scarce foreign exchange to procure a trio of prime properties in the United Kingdom.

The riveting exposé came to light during Falana’s appearance on the widely-watched Channels Television programme, Sunrise Daily, on August 18, 2023. Amidst the charged discussion, Falana scrutinized NIMASA’s questionable actions, demanding answers as he inquired, “NIMASA has just brought three properties in England under this regime. For what?” His piercing question reverberated through the airwaves, imploring accountability and shedding light on potential financial irregularities.

Falana’s impassioned assertion continued, “Just to take out dollars. Please, let us run this country in the interest of our people. We are not a poor country, but the government is managed in such a way that poverty is in ascendency.” The gravity of his words laid bare the urgency of the matter, painting a vivid picture of financial impropriety and raising questions about the nation’s fiscal stewardship.

However, as the allegations reverberated, NIMASA’s spokesperson, Osagie Edward, swiftly issued a rebuttal, vehemently refuting the accusations. Edward stood firm, asserting that NIMASA had not, in fact, acquired any property in England. He underscored that the agency had refrained from making any foreign property acquisitions for over three decades. In a statement, Edward emphasized, “We wish to state that there is no truth in the allegations, as NIMASA did not acquire any property in England, as claimed by Femi Falana.”

The clash of assertions has set the stage for a contentious battle of credibility, casting a glaring spotlight on the actions of NIMASA and evoking questions about the veracity of the allegations. The nation watches with bated breath as this riveting saga unfolds, reminding us of the critical importance of transparent governance and unwavering accountability in safeguarding the nation’s financial integrity.

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