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Why FIFA is paying World Cup prize money directly to Nigerian players – here’s all



FIFA has declared that the prize money for the 2023 World Cup will now be directly paid to the players without any intervention from a third party. The decision came after a viral video featuring Fatma Samoura, FIFA’s secretary-general, addressing the issue of unpaid allowances concerning Nigeria’s Super Falcons.

Randy Waldrum, the Falcons’ head coach, revealed that some players were owed per diem and bonuses dating back two years, which caused significant concern and almost affected the Nigerian players’ preparation for the World Cup. In response to this, FIFA has taken the initiative to ensure that match bonuses are now delivered directly to the players, rather than facing similar issues in the future.

Samoura acknowledged the challenges faced by the Falcons and expressed her sympathy for their plight. She mentioned that FIFA had specifically ring-fenced the prize money for this edition of the World Cup to guarantee it reaches the players. This marks the first time in FIFA’s history that such a measure has been taken to safeguard players’ earnings.

As per FIFA’s announcement, each player participating in the World Cup group stage will earn $30,000, while the match bonuses will double to $60,000 in the second round of the competition. As the Falcons have advanced to the round of 16 by finishing second in group B, every player on the team will now earn at least $60,000 for their achievement.

The Nigerian team is set to face England in the second-round contest on Monday.

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