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Nigeria disconnects power supply to Niger over military coup



Major cities in Niger Republic are currently experiencing power outages following the disconnection of power supply by Nigeria, following a military coup in the country, according to reports.

People get electricity for about an hour at a time and then it goes out for four or five hours without being restored.

A report by BBC noted that the system of giving electricity in the capital of the country has changed to give to one party and turn off another party at the same time.

Confirming the development, Niger Electricity Company (Nigelec) said that the problem is caused by the interruption of electricity from Nigeria. 

Nigeria’s president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is the chairman of ECOWAS and the group is taking this step as part of the sanctions imposed by the West African Union on Niger due to the military coup.

The Nigerian government has not confirmed the claim or denied it so far.

However, sources from Abuja said that the country’s authorities cut off some power lines to the Republic of Niger, without giving details.

Nigeria is the country that produces the most electricity for the Republic of Niger.

An anonymous source quoted by the BBC said the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) disconnected the supply to Niger on Tuesday following a presidential directive.

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