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Nigeria as a country is out for a major turn around with Tinubu taking over – Otunba Gbenga Daniel



Former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel has said that with Senator Bola Tinubu taking over as the President, Nigeria as a country is out for a major turn around.

Ascording to the Senator- elect for Ogun East Senatorial District on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, the former Lagos State Governor as the President of Nigeria would perform against the backdrop that he has been around and he knows the right people to work with in getting for the people, dividends of democracy.

Answering questions from Journalists in Abuja, weekend during a media parley, the former Governor who went into archives to reel out those major infrastructural development, man power, human development projects and programmes he brought in place for the growth and development of Ogun state, however produced to provide a robust legislature for the people of Ogun East, the State and Nigeria in general in the 10th Senate.

Answering question on the present struggle among the Senators for the Presiding offices, the Senator- elect who noted that Nigerians should not work themselves up on the matter, however said that it was not a major issue, adding that they belong to the same party and they would settle at the end of the day.

Former Governor Daniel who noted that the  Senate should not be the leader of opposition for the executive,  said, “I’m not one of those that think the Senate should be the leader of opposition for the executive. Don’t forget that they are all members of the same party. 

“The process is about interest but the election on the floor will be a secret ballot you say it is a retirement home for former governors, ab initio, these people are not rookies.”

On the nation’s democracy and expectations, he said, “I do believe that the locations that have been practicing democracy have agreed that it is not a perfect process. There are two options we have as a people to go via democracy which is described as an evolutionary process or go for the faster one, a revolution.

“If we have agreed that what we have is an evolution, we should not expect any magic. The legislative process is not an executive function. The strength of the process is that consensus can be rated.

“With the best of intentions, someone told me your network is your net worth. It is about getting a network. Both the executive and legislature must create networks. 

“However, there is something that I do not believe and when you say something is not in the interest of the Nigerian people, Nigeria is diverse and what is not the interest of some people, will be in the interest of other people. 

“Those people elected into the National Assembly represent the people and people say a ‘people deserve the government it gets’.

“If we go and elect a rogue, because you took his money, you have to stand in front of the mirror to find out what is going on.”

On the 9th Senate, the Senator- elect said, “I’m not a member of the ninth Senate, but there is a school of thought that says the ninth Senate probably achieved more than the Senate before it.

“Let us  begin to look at empirical evidence, it was under the Senate that the Petroleum industry bill was signed, it was under this Senate that gave us BVAS, and it was approved.”

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