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Nigerian states with the worst patient-to-doctor ratio



The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) last year (2022) noted the national average patient-to-doctor ratio in the country is 1:10,000.

“Only one doctor is incredibly available to treat 30,000 patients in some states in the south, while states in the North are as worse as one doctor to 45,000 patients,” the body had stated.

The situation seems worse, according to stats by StatiSense, a Data Tech Company.

Below is the top 10 states with the worst doctor-to-patient ratio;

1. Jigawa – 1:58,400

Jigawa is a state located in the Northern region of the country which was created on August 27, 1991.

It is the eighth largest state by population, and residents of Jigawa State are predominantly of Hausa or Fulani background.

It has a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:58,400.

2. Taraba – 1:43,300

Taraba state is a northern state in Nigeria created out of the former Gongola state on 27 August 1991, by the military government of General Ibrahim Babangida.

The main ethnic groups are the Fulani, Tiv, Mumuye, Mambilla, Wurkuns, Jukun, Kuteb, Yandang, Ndola, Itchen, Tigun and Jibu.

It has a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:43,300.

3. Bauchi – 1:41,400

4. Katsina – 1:42,400

5. Kebbi – 1:39,500

6. Zamfara – 1:38,900

7. Adamawa – 1:35,600

8. Niger – 1:31,600

9. Yobe – 1:29,500

10. Sokoto – 1:29,500


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