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‘That’s not a Grass to Grace story’: Reactions as Adeboye’s son reveals how he became a millionaire



Leke Adeboye Photo Picture

Leke Adeboye, son of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has claimed in an interview that he made his first one million-selling rubber.

He stated this while discussing secrets to financial freedom with ”School Of Wealth”.

According to Leke, “I made my first million selling wristband, rubber to be precise.”

The statement has generated reactions from netizens.

He is the son of Adeboye.
RCCG members are more than 10million.
A wristband is about 200 Naira.
If he sells at one Holy Ghost Convention, he will make millions.

Baba, that's not a Grass to Grace story.

Originally tweeted by Lola Okunrin (@lollypeezle) on 2023/04/23.

You people like to downplay achievements.

So many people would've sat on this opportunity and never taken the initiative to do it.

The guy isn't trying to show G2G story, he's trying to show that you can achieve what you desire from what's around you.

Originally tweeted by Evang. Agwolorombe (@Obiora_14) on 2023/04/23.

He downplayed his hustle by saying ‘rubber bands’ without paying attention to the ready-made market he tapped into. But again those who interviewed him are also to be blamed for the clickbait. Essentially, when leverage and privilege were utilized its only worthy to mention them.

Originally tweeted by ‘Komi O (@Komilothbrokk) on 2023/04/23.

He never said it was a Grass to Grace story tho, he is just talking about how he took advantage of an opportunity he saw to make money.

Originally tweeted by TIFE? (@ZeekiHodl) on 2023/04/23.

This is what people do ,they leave the important details . yen yen and boom success story like say God na magician Abi them be magician .See the way he downplayed his hustle ?gullible people wouldn’t know he’s privileged. as this thing dey vex me I fit roll stainless plate for am

Originally tweeted by CHAMPION?| Wtmg. (@Cforchampionn) on 2023/04/23.

Just like the story of the pastor that told his members to bring oil. The pastor was the one selling the oil.

Originally tweeted by Senator Bank Anthony ?? (@thelagosguyy) on 2023/04/23.

Tell them. He can make more than that sef in all the convention every year

Originally tweeted by Jennifer Agbontusi (@JAgbontusi) on 2023/04/23.

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