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Reactions as House of Reps propose bill to deny doctors license until after 5 years of practice in Nigeria



A bill to prevent Nigerian-trained medical or dental practitioners from being granted full licences until they have worked for a minimum of five years in the country has passed second reading at the House of Representatives.

The development has generated a lot of reactions on Nigeria’s social media platforms.

Will not work. Not practicable. Loss of talent and skill are the most costly items on the Consequences of Corruption list of line items.

They are hoping some the issue. Stop stealing. Reward talent and shun ineptitude. Silly.

Originally tweeted by Eghosa Imasuen (@eimasuen) on 2023/04/06.

Y not tackle D rot in D medical sector & pay workers fairly instead of trying to cage them? U don’t want to cut down on ur overbloated wage bills but U want to stop others from earning legitimately? Look in D mirror, how many lawmakers earn as much as y’all? In D WPoverty capital

Originally tweeted by Jamie (@JaystweAt) on 2023/04/06.

In the usual tone deaf manner, you failed to think many choose to leave a system that doesn’t adequately reward their efforts.

But let’s make them waste another five years before full license. Your own best way to retain talent is to stifle innovation & punish success. Bravo ?

Originally tweeted by Rinu Oduala ?? (@SavvyRinu) on 2023/04/07.

This bill among others aimed to discourage emigration of doctors infringes on human rights. You can't regiment an individual's career because you want to keep them in a place. The cost of training a Doctor in Nigeria is cheaper than in the West because the infrastructure is poor!

Originally tweeted by Brother Barth (@brotherbarth) on 2023/04/06.

Can the politicians also be stopped from travelling abroad for any health related issues for the first term in office.

Originally tweeted by FAVOUR ITUA (@SportPaparazzi1) on 2023/04/06.

If you want to work abroad. Go and study abroad or you go to a private university. You can't go to school basically for free here and go work abroad. It doesn't make sense

If you want to make enemies, try to change something that people are comfortable with or have a vested interest in. ~ George Silverman

Originally tweeted by tayo patrick (@lugado) on 2023/04/06.

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