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Top 10 Weirdest Reality TV Shows Ever Made



Reality TV shows are created to be relatable, however, the concept of some of these shows are weird.

Below are some of them;

10. I Wanna Marry “Harry”

What little girl didn’t dream of growing up and one day marrying a prince? In I Wanna Marry “Harry”, twelve American women believe they might actually get to live out that fantasy with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

Now, the rest of us know that there is no way Prince Harry would agree to something like this. But you’d be surprised what some good old fashioned brainwashing can do.

Through careful, choreographed interactions, lavish dates, and a royal setting, the producers are able to convince the women that Prince Harry is indeed in their presence. In reality, the real bachelor is a Prince Harry look-alike named Matthew Hicks.

The premise was so ridiculous, I Wanna Marry “Harry” was pulled off Fox after just four episodes. However, the remaining four episodes were eventually released on demand.

9. Farmer Wants a Wife

The CW brought little to the dating competition show with “Farmer Wants a Wife,” which was basically just “The Bachelor” set on a farm.

Only this time, the women were forced to provide manual labour to prove they were worthy of their country boy prize.

8. Who’s Your Daddy?

One of the most exploitative shows in television history, “Who’s Your Daddy?” made a game out of a woman’s attempt to find her real father.

The men were to be rewarded with cash if they could dupe her into thinking she was their daughter, but the show was shelved after just one highly controversial episode.

7. American Candidate

After the 2004 US election, documentary filmmaker R.J. Cutler parodied the entire political process with the Showtime competition show “American Candidate.”

The idea of a reality TV show producing a viable political candidate served as satire in 2004, but seems remarkably prescient now.

6. Boy Meets Boy

“Boy Meets Boy” had a cruel twist — unbeknownst to the show’s love-seeking star, half the suitors were straight men posing as gay to win money.

5. Joe Millionaire

The original 2003 run of Joe Millionaire was a complete flop, and for good reason. The premise of the show surrounded several women competing for the hand of a millionaire bachelor.

The only catch was that he wasn’t a millionaire at all, he was just pretending. The women who competed didn’t know this and were furious when they found out.

4. Worst Driver

This reality series is actually quite popular and has spawned several regional variations, but the original was British.

Terrible drivers chosen by viewers were forced to compete in challenges in order to “earn back their driver’s license,” according to the host.

The participant who did the worst would be hit with the show’s titular designation.

3. Whisker Wars

Technically this show is listed as still running, but the third season has been in development hell for years and is unlikely to surface. Whisker Wars is a reality show about the cutthroat (pun intended) world of competitive facial hair growing.

Eighty hopefuls from around the United States compete in regional championships in hopes of going to the World Series .It’s a bizarre premise, and also bizarrely patriotic. The show’s framing is very in favor of the Americans overthrowing the Norwegian champions.

2. The Interception

This show has to be one of the most dangerous ever put on television.

This Russian reality show from the ’90s offered players a free car right out of the gate. It seems like a great deal until one learns the catch.

Players had to then evade the Russian police in a car chase for 35 minutes in order to keep it.

Dem dey do this kind rough play for Russia?

1. 90 Day Fiancé

This show is quite popular, but it is bizarre when one thinks about it. 90 Day Fiancé is an American reality show about the process of naturalization.

Couples where one member is not a U.S. citizen are chosen and given a K-1 visa card. Before it expires, they must plan and execute their wedding.

It’s strange to dole out visas, something tons of people even risk their lives to obtain, as a reality show premise. Additionally, the show has been accused of essentially creating “mail-order brides,” although officially, all couples in the show’s history are real people in a relationship.

That said, 90 Day Fiancé has tons of storylines and even a few spin-offs, so it’s a reality hit. A very good way to japa.


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