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Fuel-Naira Scarcity: Ways to reduce cost of doing business in Nigeria



Every business owner knows that to increase your business profit margin; you need to reduce your cost of production.

Cost of production, also known as cost of doing business, is the amount spent in producing goods or fulfilling service demand by buyers/consumers.

A business whose cost of doing business is more than the generated net revenue is operating at a loss.

Considering the recent fuel scarcity and dearth of the redesigned naira notes, here are some tips you can leverage to reduce the cost of running your business;

Analyse your business expenses

In more technical terms, perform an audit of the production expenses. This will let you identify where you need to cut costs.

Change your suppliers

Try another supplier if you have been purchasing specific materials from the same supplier for many years.

Who knows, it might be cheaper over there. Your current supplier may also want to retain you by offering a mouth-watering discount to dissuade you from leaving.

Leverage the internet

Instead of travelling to meet clients or source for production materials, make use of available software to connect online.

You may leverage video conference apps like Zoom and Microsoft Meet.

This will save the cost of travel and reduce the number of required staff for the day-to-day operation of the company.

Since you won’t be spending much time travelling around, you will have enough time to tackle other things in your company yourself.

Upgrade your staff

When you help staff upgrade their skills, it invariable improves their productivity.

This may allow them to handle additional tasks and save you the cost of hiring more people.

If they can’t handle a task because of their experience, train them. You gain more in the end.

Reduce energy consumption as much as possible

It will amaze you how much energy you can reduce by only encouraging your employees to switch off their gadgets, such as computers, when not in use.

Replace old bulbs with energy-efficient ones.

Go paperless or reuse papers

Print on both sides a paper whenever possible.

Although this might look like little changes, all of these will go a long way in helping reduce your cost of production.

Reduce staff strength if needed

Do not hesitate to lay off workers if you detect they are too much for the task in the company, especially if you recently lost some businesses.

You can only stay afloat and make everyone happy when you can comfortably afford their pay.


The information in this article was curated from online sources and for educational purposes only. It should not be substituted for a professional’s advice.

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