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How Nigerian woman frustrated by scarcity of Naira notes stripped naked in banking Hall



Video footage has surfaced of a frustrated woman who stripped naked inside an Access Bank branch that is suspected to be in Lagos.

The woman who tried in vain to withdraw money from the bank but could not because of the scarcity of Naira notes lamented that her children could go to school the previous day as she was not able to get money to give them.

The aggrieved woman who spoke in Yoruba demanded that the bank return all her money and close her account as it is no longer of any use to her if she cannot get her money from the bank as and when she needs it.

“Close my account; I don’t want it again. Return my money. My children didn’t go to school yesterday. They will go today,” she lamented.

Meanwhile, Popular actress Kate Henshaw has spoken on the viral video of a woman who stripped in the banking hall demanding for her money.

She urged the online community to safeguard the pride of the half naked woman who had no other choice than to do what she did.

Almost at the close of work on Wednesday, a video of a woman half naked in a banking hall surfaced on the internet.

The customer, who was obviously frustrated about the unavailability of cash to meet the needs of her kids at home, took of her blouse in protest with only brassiere and three quarter jeans left on her body.

While expressing herself in Yoruba language, she fumed heatedly, telling the bank officials to return all her money and close her account, adding she wasn’t interested in banking with them anymore

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