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Video: Chigul says she’s tired of being approached by men in their 20s and that needs to stop



Chioma Omeruah, the comedian popularly known as Chigul, says she is not interested in a relationship with any man below 40.

In the latest episode of ‘Toke Moments,’ the comedian lamented that she’s tired of being approached by men in their 20s who claim to like older women.

“What are you going to be calling me? Mummy, dear, aunty, or sister if you’re not 40? They said try younger men, I did and it was not a good idea. I said I’m not doing it. If you want to step to me, check your passport for your date of birth. If it’s not 1970 upward, don’t come my way, don’t approach me,” she said.

The 46-year-old, who got married in 2013 but is now divorced, said she wished she had done certain things differently in her previous marriage.

“For me, I think there’s a lot I learned in the process and coming out of it. There are so many things I think now that I would have done differently. Maybe I could have said that instead of that,” she said.

Chigul continued: “I’ve always wanted a companion and this is just me as Chioma saying I yearn for companionship, I yearn for having my person. I want my own person but the thing is that same person can probably stab you with the deepest cut of your life.”

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