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Most Developed African Countries 2022



When it comes to natural resources, Africa is one of the world’s richest continents. Cobalt, gold, platinum, and coltan are just a few of the priceless metals that are abundant on the continent. As a result of decades of colonization, violence, political unpredictability, and war, the continent with the youngest population in the globe is also one of the least developed regions in the world.

To unlock growth in the area, Africa’s young population and its mineral riches are essential. This is because various industries in Africa have a lot of room to grow and develop in order for the continent to stop relying on imports and start producing its own food.

Below is a list of Africa’s most developed countries in 2022

5. Republic of Kenya

Global Innovation Index (2022) Ranking: 88

East African nation Republic of Kenya has a $333 billion economy. While tea, coffee, and oil make up the majority of Kenya’s exports, the country also boasts a robust manufacturing industry that creates a variety of goods, including consumer goods, cement, and refined petroleum. 

With data revealing that the firms raised an astounding $820 million during the first half of this year, double the $411 million that they had raised in 20221, Kenya’s startup environment is one of the strongest in Africa.

4. Republic of Botswana

Global Innovation Index (2022) Ranking: 86

South African nation Republic of Botswana has one of the highest per capita incomes in the region at $19,287 and a $43 billion GDP. 

The production of food, textiles, building supplies, and metal goods is the main focus of its manufacturing sector. The scientific productivity in Botswana, which was the second highest in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2015, is also due to the country’s significant public investment in education, which is among the greatest in South Africa. 

It is one of the few African nations to have reached the scores is the nation, whose research and infrastructure are ranked in the second percentile of the Global Innovation Index.

3. Republic of Tunisia

Global Innovation Index (2022) Ranking: 73

The Republic of Tunisia is a nation in North Africa with a Mediterranean Sea border. The economy is mostly driven by manufacturing and services, and Tunisia produces goods including clothing, footwear, machinery, and auto parts. 

Additionally, it has a close relationship with the United States, which has supported loans to the Tunisian government. With a score of 45, Tunisia ranks in the third percentile of countries with the highest human capital and research scores according to the Global Innovation Index. The nation’s output score in knowledge and technology, 53, is also in the third percentile.

2. Republic of Morocco

Global Innovation Index (2022) Ranking: 67

Cars account for a sizable portion of its exports and the country also boasts a thriving industrial sector. Electrical systems and insulated wire are some of the nation’s other exports in the technological field. 

Morocco’s Kingdom makes a substantial scientific contribution to the study of wind turbines and has some of the highest regional patent application rates. Along with producing automobiles, the nation also produces steel, complete goods, and textiles.

1. South Africa

Global Innovation Index (2022) Ranking: 61

The fifth-largest economy in Africa, the Republic of South Africa (RSA), or simply South Africa, has a $411 billion GDP in 2017. 

It is renowned for significant scientific achievements like the first human-to-human heart transplant, the yellow fever vaccine, and X-ray-based CT scans. 

It is the only country in Africa with a nuclear power facility. The fact that the country is the only one in Africa with the majority of its Global Innovation Index scores in the third quartile and a high market sophistication score of 39 is therefore not surprising.


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