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Portable has revealed how he became famous and successful



Popular street artiste, Habeeb Okikiola, commonly known as Portable, has revealed that no one helped him to attain his fame.

During an entertainment show called Echoroom, the “Zazoo” singer narrated how he attained success on his own through God and his fans.

The host, Quincy Jones, further asked how he had met the famous dancer, Pocolee, and singer, Olamide, who had both assisted him in his first hit song.

Portable had replied that they sent him a direct message. “Did I see anyone to help me? I only enjoy the grace of God and my fans bless me”, the singer said.

The host then asked, “But the story we heard is that Pocolee linked you up with Olamide”

In Portable’s response, he said; “Nobody linked me up, Everybody sent a DM. Listen, when your glory is set, people will be available. I made myself famous, nobody made me famous.

“Maybe you don’t get that well, nobody made me famous, even I can’t explain the evolution of Zazu. It just happened. When people come to me and say I’ve become famous, I do ask them, do I have money, car or have I travelled? But now, I can say I’m rich and famous because I have travelled around the world.”

Singer, Portable, who hails from Ogun state, came to Stardom in 2020 after making several videos on the internet. The singer later met with YBNL boss, Olamide, who had given him the opportunity to produce his first hit song.

The singer was also nominated for the headies awards in 2022 but was later disqualified due to a series of reckless behaviours and uncouth statements.

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