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Miyetti Allah reveal that over 10,000 cattle farmers have been killed and more than two million displaced



The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has revealed that over 10,000 cattle farmers have been killed and more than two million others displaced due to activities of rustling, kidnapping and general insecurity in eight years.

MACBAN noted the total neglect of the livestock subsector in Nigeria, “we now find you to be the voice of the voiceless pastoralists in Nigeria, who, over the years, have suffered without compensation or support from the government or anywhere else.”

The group stated further that “MACBAN has been crying for attention for years, highlighting this neglect of the livestock sub-sector which is worth trillions of Naira, contribute about 29% to Nigeria’s GDP and had been in coma as a result of the total neglect from the Federal and state governments.

“MACBAN is now assured that the National Assembly under your watch will look into the lack of support that pastoralists have faced and the poor budgeting that has stunted the livestock sector from growth and working effectively.

“In the last eight years, over 10,000 pastoralist were killed and over two million families displaced as a result of banditry, cattle rustling, kidnapping and general insecurity in the country.

“The continuing violence against pastoralists in Taraba and Plateau states in the full glare of security agencies is not only condemnable but is totally unacceptable.

“We urge the security agencies in the country to take drastic measures against acts of wanton killings by members of the vigilante and other ethnic militias against pastoralists in the two states, especially and anywhere else where public peace is threatened.

“With a projected population of about 16 million registered voters, pastoralists are a voice to be reckoned with in deciding who lead this great country for the betterment of all.

“While congratulating you for this recognition, it is our prayers that you shouldn’t be deterred nor distracted in pursuing the right policies for the livestock sub-sector in the country,” they noted.

The statement was signed by their National President, Baba Usman Ngelzarma.

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