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Governor Wike has challenged Buhari to name state governors that are stealing funds



Governor Nyesom Wike has challenged President Mohammadu Buhari to name state governors that are steal from funds allocated to their Local Governments (LGs).

Wike, at Friday’s inauguration of Mgbuosimini Ring and Internal Roads in Rumueme Kingdom, Obio-Akpor Local Government Area, was responding to the Buhari’s sweeping indictment of Nigeria governors for allegedly dipping hands into LG funds.

Absolving self of Buhari’s allegation, Wike, fired back, “You said governors are taking local government funds. I want to say in the name of almighty God, I have never touched local government funds one day.

“I have never, have no reason to do that. So, Mr. President tell us who are those people? You know them, tell us. It is not good to make class defamation of saying governors. Please, I am not one of those governors.

“Mr President, please, spare me, tell Nigerians that Integrity Governors are not part of them . We have integrity. And do us the favour of announcing those states that they are taking local government money because you have the records.

“When I was chairman of local government under Dr. Peter Odili, he never touched one Naira of local government funds. When I was chairman, nobody touched my funds and I see no reason why I will begin to touch other people’s funds.”

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