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Twitter will stop adding device a tweet was written on — Elon Musk



Tesla founder and the new owner of Twitter, Inc., Elon Musk, has revealed the platform will stop adding name of device beneath posts.

Musk who appears dissatisfied about the slowness of the microblogging apps in some parts of the world in a tweet on Sunday apologized to users.

He tweeted, “I’d like to apologize for Twitter being super slow in many countries. App is doing >1000 poorly batched RPCs just to render a home timeline!

“I was told ~1200 RPCs independently by several engineers at Twitter, which matches # of microservices. The ex-employee is wrong. Same app in US takes ~2 secs to refresh (too long), but ~20 secs in India, due to bad batching/verbose comms. Actually useful data transferred is low.

“Part of today will be turning off the “microservices” bloatware. Less than 20% are actually needed for Twitter to work!”

To further speed up the application, he disclosed “we will finally stop adding what device a tweet was written on (waste of screen space & compute) below every tweet. Literally no one even knows why we did that …”

According to him, “In some parts of the world, refresh takes 30 seconds”.

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