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How 6-year-old girl died in school swimming pool in Abuja



The family of a six-year-old girl, identified as Modadeoluwa, has taken to social media to seek justice over her death.

According to the family, Modadeoluwa drowned on Wednesday, November 02, 2022, in a swimming pool belonging to Start Rite School in Abuja.

A lady who claimed to be a cousin of the deceased girl alleged that the swimming instructor tossed her multiple times at the shallow end of the pool and she hit her head, thereby suffering internal bleeding.

She added that the school has refused to take responsibility for the incident. According to her, the school has remained open and carried out its activities as if nothing happened.

“Startrite killed my baby cousin! She had swim day in school, the “coach “was teaching her a stunt, threw her up and she’d hit her head and had an internal bleeding. We asked for a footage and they released a doctored tape!,” @oluwamiisimii posted.

“On the 2nd of November due to the negligent behaviour of @startriteschool my cousin was killed (child in the 2nd frame). We found a way to get evidence from the CCTV footage even though the school deliberately tried to cut the scenes of what exactly happened.

“Our efforts to access justice has been frustrated by the school. All we want is justice. She was only 6 years. #justiceforModadeoluwa (2).”

Another Twitter user, @David wrote: “My little cousin had a swim day at school apparently, the coach advised her to swim as far as possible and swim back, when she got back he tossed her multiple times in the air at the shallow side of the pool, she hit her head and had internal bleeding.

“Even with that, the coach was all the while pushing her in, we later requested the CCTV film and when we arrived, we saw them doctoring the tape. Presently the school is open like nothing happened and they aren’t assuming responsibility as well as misleading different guardians.”

@Bobanure also wrote: “On November 2nd 2022, my smart. Kind, beautiful 6-year-old cousine, Madade was killed by the negligence of the swimming instructor @sttartriteschool in Abuja.

“The school has refused to accept any culpability and have deleted the portion of the CCTV footage that shows what transpired in the pool. Please help us retweet and share until the school is held accountable.”

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