‘I saved a lady from getting robbed and she has no idea’, Man narrates experience

A tweep with username, @honeychukwu, has described how he saved a lady from getting robbed at a notorious area while the lady had no idea of what was going on.

The Twitter user on November 10, 2022, in a thread narrated the experience. He said, “I think I just saved a lady from getting robbed and she has no idea what just happened. I drove past this lady in a lonely road known for such. She was pressing her phone while trekking. Immediately, I sighted a young man in front of her beside a bush…

“He kept pretending to be looking for something inside the bush while waiting for her to pass him, so I drove and stopped right in front of him In case he moves mad, he would lose a leg on the spot.

“When he noticed I was monitoring him, he became uncomfortable. I made sure I stayed until the lady got to the major road. He then turned and gave me a warning sign while watching the lady walk away. I drove off.

“NB: This lady had no idea what just happened because she was distracted with her phone while walking. In my head, I was like this is how God fights our battles for us without us knowing.”

Another Twitter, however, asked him, “Well done. But would you have done the same thing if it was a man walking down the lonely road?”. The question however did not settle well with him.

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