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‘Am I dreaming?’: Nigerian student shocked as foreign professor invites him for lunch



A Nigerian student, Babatunde Ibukun, shared his surprise after a foreign professor asked him out for lunch.

The foreign postgraduate student posted on his Twitter page on November 10, 2022 that such a gesture is “Hard to believe” for him considering the way his Nigerian lecturers act.

“Am I dreaming? I had lunch with my professor. It still feels weird! Nigeria has damaged me. He was the one to make the gesture if he can have lunch with us, I mean, and we were discussing. I mean? It’s hard to believe. This is the real culture shock!”

Some Nigerians, however, slammed him for the post. They argued that many lecturers in Nigeria’s schools are friendly and would do the same.

Ogbe Precious (@ogbeprecious_): “I have lunch with my Nigerian professor almost every other Friday in Lokoja. I just think we believe they’re too complex and purposely don’t want to associate with them. Some are very nice people.”

Sullivan Edeani (@SullivanEdeani): “This is about your school not Nigeria. My Professors are nice!!.
Success bro.”

Abu Zikra (@MusaAdamu12): “This is something one.of my professor would do. Prof. Abdullahi.”

Successor Antigha (@EdetAntigha1): “No, Nigeria didn’t. I bantered and still banter with my lecturers, especially during political seasons. Perhaps your undergraduate lecturers weren’t friendly. Don’t impose your reality on all Nigerian students. Success in your postgraduate studies.”

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