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Top Nigerian Celebrities Paternity Frauds 



By Balogun Kamilu Lekan

A research conducted reveals that three out of ten Nigerian men are not the biological fathers of their purported children. Report also has it that Nigeria has the 2nd highest rate of paternity fraud in the world after Jamaica.

Many fathers have inadvertently raised children who are not theirs, and there have been proposals to make DNA testing for newborns mandatory to reverse the trend.

Photo: Medical Mirror

Many children are also experiencing paternity scandals by learning that their father is not their biological father.

The main contributors to paternity fraud in Nigeria have been identified as “poor family planning,” “infidelity, adultery, and a rise in sexual recklessness among Nigerian couples.” 

Baby-swapping mistakes in maternity hospitals are another reason why paternity tests fail.

Below is a list of top paternity frauds 

1. Duncan Mighty

In posts on Instagram, Duncan, a well-known artist with numerous successes in the music industry, shared his personal experience with paternity fraud.

The lengthy post by the Nigerian music singer claimed that a DNA test had established that his daughter, Mitchell, wasn’t his. He accused his wife, Vivien, of cheating on him and attempting to harm him to seize his money.

2. Nedu

Nedu made the allegations in response to Uzoamaka Ohiri, his ex-wife, accusing him of domestic violence.

Nedu revealed this in a post.  ‘‘Our marriage was plagued with a lot of issues. One of which was continuous infidelity from her side that led to me conducting a paternity test on our kids,, which led to the revelation that our first son is not my biological son…”. He said

His wife, however, responded by saying she wasn’t aware of the paternity of their first child until a DNA test was conducted. She also further stated that the comedian doesn’t deserve her son and emphasized that she was faithful during her marriage.

3. Laide Bakare

After Laide put to bed in 2013, the child’s legitimacy was questioned as two men claimed ownership of the baby because she had given birth to her new child just over a month after her breakup with her ex-husband Olumide Okunfulire.

Concerned by the situation, the ex-husband responded to the information by claiming paternity of the child.

I heard that my wife delivered a baby boy barely two months after she made a release that we were divorced, and she’s saying that the baby belongs to one Mr. Tunde Oriowo. That’s a lie, wicked lie. I’m the biological father. I have pictures to show that we were always together, but she deliberately kept the pregnancy out of my knowledge.

In other words, it might be the result of her extra-marital affair without my knowledge, because there were cases that she would leave me and our daughter in the US, come to Nigeria all in the name of promoting her movies but staying with married men in Lagos. I couldn’t monitor her because I was not always in Nigeria.”

I don’t want to put laws into my hands. So, I have already notified my lawyers in the US and already contacted my lawyers in Nigeria about the matter, because she has many questions to answer. If she wants to proof herself right, I challenge her to go for DNA test because that would unveil the true father of the baby.

She’s still my wife. We’re legally married. She came to the States to deliver using my surname and my green card. It’s just unfortunate she’s using all the things I did for her to favour another man. So, our marriage is intact, legally. And if she wants to quit, legal action must be taken.” He said

4. Adam Nuru 

Adam Nuru, a former Managing Director of First City Monument Bank, was caught in a paternity mess involving two children with Moyo Thomas in 2021.

Moyo was reportedly in a relationship with the bank MD while still married to her husband, Tunde Thomas.

Mr Thomas was said to have died of depression in December.

A petition was raised about the legitimacy of the children,, and this was alleged to have caused Thomas depression.

According to the petition, following the FCMB MD’s alleged affair with Moyo, she informed her husband that she was leaving Nigeria for the United States with the kids, only to call him upon arrival to inform him that the children did not belong to him.

5. Femi Kuti

Femi Kuti, the eldest son of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Grammy Award nominee, spoke about his experience in 2014.

According to a DNA test he had taken, the musician admitted in an interview that he wasn’t the biological father of two of his children. In addition, he said that as a result of the treachery, he had given the children to their mothers.

I never realized someone could give you something that is not yours, “he said.


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