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Top Most Expensive Medical Universities In The World



By Balogun Kamilu Lekan

Medical school is ridiculously expensive, costing an arm and a leg. The average cost of attending a public in-state medical school is more than $37,000, while the average cost of attending a private med school is around $60,000.

Medical school is an entirely different entity, a one-of-a-kind monster. Remember that the total cost includes four years of college before medical school. This is followed by hands-on training as a resident and possibly a fellowship; we’re looking at a total of ten to twelve years of training.

5. Columbia University College of Physicians, New York –  $60,000 Yearly

While the cost may appear high to most of us, Columbia University does provide full rides for low-income families. The above price, with payment instalments and other resources, is reasonable for the middle class.

The average debt upon completion is about $250,000

4. Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth University, Hanover, New Hampshire – – $74,000/year

This medical school is also an Ivy League research facility at Dartmouth, and research funding accounts for 75% of Dartmouth College’s cash intake. This places them high in the college ratings, which applicants value. 

The school, named after Audrey and Theodor Geisel (of Dr Seuss fame), seeks to “improve the lives of those it serves: students, patients, and local and global communities.”

Its average total debt upon completion is an estimated $300,000

3. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio – $65,500/year

The Case Western School of Medicine is regarded as a pioneer in biomedical research and offers its students a top-notch medical education. 

It is one of the top 25 medical schools due to its dedication and clear mission. Given these details, the price shouldn’t surprise anyone. Its average debt upon completion is valued at $275,000

2. Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California – $65,000/Year

The Keck School of Medicine’s average total debt upon completion is roughly $300,000 and is highly ranked.

Their faculty-to-student ratio is an impressive 2.6:1, with 1,927 faculty members. This school is well worth the exorbitant fee because of its interesting medical program, excellent curriculum, and excellent professors.

1. Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts – $77,142

Tufts University’s medical school is rumoured to be the most expensive medical school in the world once all the bells and whistles are considered (room and board). One of Tufts University’s ten different schools, it has consistently been rated as one of the top centres for clinical medical research.

The average total debt upon completion is estimated at $320,000


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